Container Terminal Design & Master Planning

The Design of container terminals requires a multitude of studies and Analysis as well as an In-depth knowledge of the functioning of container terminals, their technical and operational specificities as well as the port management mode.
The selection of the operational mode must be carried out on the basis of the best compromise between the various requirements and constraints, such as the throughput capacity, the availability of land and berths as well as the key performance indicators of a Modern Container Terminal.

Backed by more than 30 projects, PORT DNA has an In depth expertise and skills to provide you with the following services:

  • Container Terminal layout design
  • Container Terminal master planning
  • Provide or Review traffic safety analysis
  • In-depth Review of 3rd Party Design proposals through the SWOT analysis
  • Optimization of land usage between Yard, Quay and landside infrastructures
  • Review detail Design and IFC Drawings issued by Designer
  • Study and elaboration of phasing plan for project development