Projects history summarized by Equipment Type

  • Single Trolley STS crane, Dual Trolley STS crane, Mobile Harbour Crane

  • Diesel & Electric RTG, Manual Rail Mounted Gantry crane (RMG), Automated Stacking Crane (ASC), Reach Stacker

  • Manual Straddle Carrier, Automated straddle Carrier, Shuttle Carrier, Terminal Tractors and chassis

Projects history summarized by Automation technology

  • Semi-automated single Trolley ship-to-shore cranes

  • Dual Trolley ship to shore crane with remote controlled main trolley and fully automated second trolley

  • Fully Automated horizontal transport (straddle carrier)

  • Fully Automated Stacking cranes (ASC)

  • Fully Automated Gates

  • Automated Crane and Rail OCR system

  • Automated Reefer Monitoring systems

Projects history summarized by type

  • Green-field Projects: 9

  • Brown-field Projects: 46

  • M&A Projects: 2